Chain Link Fence Information

Doing a fencing job can be costly but in today environment, fencing is very important for our security. Imagine an open home surrounding of your house with no fence. It is the perfect place for burglar to break in. Today environment make our house more prone to home burglary than a decade ago. So, it is wise to put some fencing to guard our house but the cost of ordinary fencing is very costly. This is where chain link fence solve the problem. commercial chain link fence

Chain link fence is exactly a fence that was made by coated galvanized steel wire. It is also known as hurricane fence. It is so called like that because the appearance of fence looks like hurricane. There are many type of chain link fence such as single walk through gates or the double drive gates model. The first model is suitable if you just want only people to walk through the gate. This model is suitable if you put it in the back of your house. For the second model, it is suitable for car or truck to get in. The wider space makes it possible to do that.

Chain link fence had many advantages. One of the advantage is, it increase the security of your house. By installing this fence, you can see inside and outside your house easily. So, you will be aware all the time if something suspicious happening. The second reason is this fence is very durable. It can stand any bad weather condition. Heavy rain, snow or frosting could not effect or only minimally affect its appearance and toughness. The third advantage is the cheap cost on installing this fence. The overall cost for the install procedure is only fraction than doing a whole concrete fence or other expensive type of fence. The fourth reason is the low or zero maintenance procedure. We do not need a lot of maintenance for this fence. Even if the fence mesh is broken, you can do cathodic protection to overcome it. This technique is design to protect or control the corrosion of any metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. It simply connect the metal wire that we need to protect with other more easily corroded metal wire to act as a node of an electrochemical cell. This process allows the broken wire to heal itself.

Some people do not like the appearance of the chain link fence. Some said this fence is too dull. In order to make the fence look livelier, you can add some flower to it. You can even grow herb, or exotic flower near the fence. It will make it look very beautiful. This smart gardening technique will make your fence a unique piece of art.

You can also add slat between your fences. Some people do not like gardening near their fence. So, by putting slat, you can make your lawn more secure and look fabulous. They are different type of slat n the market. You can insert it diagonally or vertically between the fence’s mesh. It also softens the metal look of the fence.