Lotus Leaf Pattern Jewelry

Jewelry is a woman’s most affectionate companion, there is a saying: Please your face, with you for life. Every woman must have 1 or 2 pieces of beloved jewelry<1>, perhaps a necklace, perhaps an earring….but all match their own temperament, quietly telling the gentle mind. Today, I will recommend a small lotus leaf jewelry to you.

The little lotus leaf can settle your meditative mind and gather blessing. The leaves are quite common in jade carvings. There are also many kinds of materials. Jade, Hetian jade, and amber beeswax, all have their own charms. But the lotus leaf is relatively unpopular, and the suitable material is also relatively simple. I believe that only the jade can show the aura of the lotus leaf! The jade is chilly and the lotus leaf is soft and beautiful. The combination of the two is both dignified and elegant, and contains deep meditation purpose.
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1.The beautiful meaning of the lotus leaf
The homonym of lotus is “harmony”, so its meaning is very beautiful. Mostly reflected in marriage and career. It is very suitable for women to wear.
A harmonious union lasting a hundred years. As everyone knows, the lotus, not muddy, is a symbol of purity. In many weddings, the lotus leaf element will also be used to bless the new couple for goodness and forever. Wearing jade lotus leaves also means that the feelings between husband and wife are really close to each other. Of course, if it is worn by women, it can also add personal charm. After all, the lotus leaf is very delicate and feminine.