Quit Smoking – Keeping Busy and Entertained

While trying to quit smoking or before you actually go ahead with quitting, cravings will be hard to resist for the first few days and possibly longer if your smoking habit has been continuing longer than average.

Beating these cravings can be an impossible task without some guidance of what to do when cravings strike. This article is all about keeping busy while your cravings try to take over and make you give in. Cravings don’t last long and finding something to do in these times keeps your mind off picking a cigarette up. AtiBiz

What activity you choose to do will depend on what type of person you are. Think of what your interests are and write a list of activities that can be started instantly when a craving occurs, out of that list find a favourite that you think will keep your mind off cigarettes the best.

This activity should be done preferably before you start to quit because when a craving happens you won’t want to think of a list of activities or anything else but smoking. Writing a list and thinking of tasks to switch your mind should not be too hard but in case you are having trouble here is a list of some activities others have used gathered from my website¬†www.quitsmoking-online.com.


Thinking of answers to puzzling questions makes your brain think in a different direction to smoking and just doing one or two questions will be enough time for the craving to pass.

Household Chores

Ironing, washing, or making beds, household chores always need to be done as some will know better than others, but doing these essential tasks occupies your hands and stops you thinking of the cravings.

Online Games

There are plenty of online games to be found on the internet and there will always be one you haven’t played before. The new and addictive games are enough for most people to switch off to the cravings.

Those are just a few and there are plenty of others for different people, the important thing is to do something, preferably occupying your hands and not somewhere where you would commonly smoke, for many an example would be driving.