My Favourite Cake Decorating Supplies

I have to admit I’m a bit of a cake decorating supplies addict. Every time there’s a new and exciting cake mould or cake stencil out, I simply have to have it. Wether I actually use it or not, that’s another story. To be honest I truly only use few of the essentials and rest of them are just great use once or twice. So what are my must have cake decorating supplies? Without what I cannot bake or decorate any of my cakes?

Cake Turntable

This is probably the number one cake decorating tool in my house. Whenever I have project in my hands, this is always the first thing I take out and set up. You need to make sure that the turntable you’re going to buy/have is sturdy and turns smoothly, 2 of the most important factors. Mine is heavy melamine one and ticks both of the boxes.

Offset Spatula

This is another cake decorating tool, that I can’t live without. I usually use smaller sizes of offset spatulas but larger ones can be very handy as well. I find smaller size offset spatulas easier to use to get the ganache on to a cake as well as smooth it out nicely.

Bench Scraper

Bench scraper or in my case plasterer blade is absolutely necessary, if you want to get pristine smooth cake with pristine corners. My favourite scraper is made out of metal, sits in 90 degree angle and was bought from the local hardware store.

Over the years, I’ve tested hundreds of cake decorating supplies. And even though some of the cake tools are really fun to use, I’ve only used them once, for a certain cake order, and after that they are just sitting and collecting dust. Where the other, essential cake decorating supplies, are out of the cupboard all the time and get full use for their money.