Top Three Mistakes Nutrition Coaches Make When Building Their Practice & How to Avoid Them

So I’m a Holistic Nutritionist. When I graduated from school, I came out a-blazin’, ready to create a rockin’ six-figure practice. Little did I know that there was soooo much more to running a successful nutrition practice than I ever imagined…pretty soon after graduating, I was working my butt off, burned out, frustrated, almost hating my clients… and still not making enough money to pay the bills. Nutrition Coaching

And a lot of my colleagues were feeling the same way – frustrated, burned out and overwhelmed. To help us get a leg up on our businesses, I created an online resource center for all of us nutrition, health and wellness coaches and counselors. It’s a “one-stop shopping” site that has all the resources we need, like pre-written newsletters and workshops, wholesale supplement companies, business and marketing coaching, appointment software, social media experts…anything and everything we need to build a thriving practice in one place. Sweet!

Now, the thing I love most about running that resource site is that I get to talk with and interview nutritionists – my peeps! – almost every day. I get to hear their successes, their challenges, their goals and their obstacles. And after months of listening, I started to hear nutrition coaches making the same three mistakes over and over again when building their practices. (And who I am kidding? I made those mistakes, too!)

Fortunately, I also get to talk to and interview the experts who help nutritionists build their practices. From business coaches, copywriters, and marketing experts to internet marketing coaches, and more, I’ve learned how nutrition coaches can easily to avoid these mistakes and build a financially viable – no, thriving – practice.

So here goes…the top three mistakes. And more importantly, how to avoid them!

Mistake #1:

“Well, I help people feel happier and healthier…uh, and they like it.” Does this sound like you when describing your work? Most nutrition coaches, especially us holistic types, can’t articulate what it is they actually do. And surprisingly? Clients don’t care what you do. They aren’t interested in how you work, or in your program or even in you. They are interested in the RESULTS they’ll experience when they work with you.

Solution #1:

When presenting your work to prospective clients, online or offline, always tell them – in  no uncertain terms – the RESULTS they will experience with your program. Clients want to know what’s in it for them to do your program. And if the RESULTS they’ll get from working with you will heal their pain or attain their dream, they’re yours. In any economy.

Mistake #2:

Too many nutrition coaches are stuck in a 1-to-1 delivery model. It looks something like this: I see one client for one hour, therefore I am paid for one hour of work. When I do not see a client for an hour, I am not paid. No, no, no, my friends. That 1-to-1 stuff is for the dark ages…not for you, you newly-savvy nutritionist!

Solution #2:

You can still work 1-to-1 with clients if you enjoy it, but adding information products that deliver your information 1-to-many will utterly transform your practice. Imagine checking your inbox and seeing “You’ve Made A Sale!” twenty times a day. Let me repeat: that’s money in your inbox. While you sleep. While you’re at the gym. While you’re juicing. Amazing, right? So what are information products? They’re things like special reports, tips, ebooks, audio recordings and videos. And with this passive income coming in, you won’t have to be needy or desperate about getting 1-to-1 clients. And when that neediness and desperate goes, guess what floods in? Yep, more clients.

Mistake #3

You spent a lotta dough on your education, right? You know food, you know supplements, you know testing, you KNOW your stuff. But how much money have you invested in KNOWING how to run your business? If you’re like I was, the answer is “uh….none?”